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EnvisionWare System Monitor logoEnvisionWare System Monitor™ is installed with each software component to manage license retrieval and activation, monitor system health and perform system updates. System Monitor diagnoses problems at multiple levels.  If an RFID reader cable is disconnected, System Monitor displays a pop-up alert to staff.  A different alert displays if an RFID tag is invalid.  

System Monitor delivers a packaged Java runtime engine that is secure and protected.  It is not accessible by a browser and is used only for EnvisionWare applications.  Not only does this provide a highly secure runtime engine but it further protects against automatic Java updates which can, on occasion, break a dependent application.  You are assured of consistent, secure, thoroughly tested cross platform operation.

System Monitor connects directly to the EnvisionWare Customer Center for the retrieval of the customer license file.  This file activates the products and features for which your system is licensed.

The updating technology is the newest generation software, which is currently utilized by PC Reservation®.   Over time the updating of other products will be performed by this same, robust core technology.  System Monitor updates regardless of the logged in user's permissions.

System Monitor displays a list of products and modules installed on each computer, shows which products are licensed and installed, licensed but not installed, and those not licensed.

CloudConnectIn conjunction with CloudConnect™, System Monitor performs powerful diagnostics.  Customers can click an option to generate a system diagnostic that will gather all logs, configurations and other data elements from each EnvisonWare application as well as computer diagnostics.  The user can select an existing support case or create a new one at which time the diagnostic information will be uploaded and linked to the support case.

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