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EnvisionWare is committed to making eCommerce easy and efficient for staff. Our eCommerce Staff Point of Sale Transaction Station is designed specifically for libraries. This system enables you to take control of your over-the-counter transactions, reducing errors and giving extensive auditing control to your business office.

EnvisionWare eCommerce Staff RegistereCommerce Staff Register

The first Point of Sale transaction system designed specifically for libraries

With EnvisionWare eCommerce Staff Register, you can process standard point of sale transactions such as inventory item sales, transit passes, book bags, taxable and non-taxable item sales, and returns — all that you would expect in a traditional Point Of Sale system and so much more. Library-specific functions include fine and fee payment and integration with ILS and database driven deposit accounts. Staff can query fine amount and item records on the terminal and accept payments, and the system will automatically post and clear fines in the ILS patron record via a live SIP connection or an ILS API.1

Automatically post and clear fines

Direct Deposit to the EnvisionWare AAM

The EnvisonWare Register is unique in its ability to post deposit funds using the EnvisionWare Authentication and Accounting Module (AAM). The AAM enables your library to host user deposit accounts in an Access, MySQL or Integrated Library System database. This enterprise solution also enables you to offer and manage printing accounts and track staff printing and copy use through our suite of computer and print management products, including BarcodePlus®, LPT:One™, PC Reservation® and EnvisionWare® eCommerce Services™ Self-Service System.


Set up a single terminal or multiple networked terminals in a branch, or an enterprise solution using the Enterprise Manager.


You can report on items sold and on transactions per staff ID, balance the drawer and close out the terminal on the attached receipt printer at each terminal. You can also upload data to the optional Enterprise Manager and run system wide reports.

Payment options with eCommerce ServicesPayment Methods

Accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, gift certificates, AAM Deposit Account, or ILS Deposit Account.1


EnvisionWare understands that the needs of every institution vary, so we provide software only, software with point of sale accessories and card terminals, and complete turnkey packages to suit the requirements of each customer and budget. Most libraries install the software on existing circulation stations.

PCI AssuranceVeriFone

1 Depending upon your ILS capabilities