SIP2SSL Enterprise Encryption

EnvisionWare SIP2SSL Encryption LogoSIP2SSL is a new utility application from EnvisionWare that's focused on patron privacy and security.

Native SIP2 (Standard Interchange Protocol v2) sends patron information in clear text.  As self checkout stations and other self service applications connect to an Integrated Library System (ILS) to validate a patron, the information returned contains the patron's barcode, PIN, address, phone and other information in clear text.  An unscrupulous person with access to the network either within the library or observing the Internet may be able to obtain this information.

SIP2SSL is an easy-to-install, low cost solution that will SSL-encrypt SIP2 communications across the network.  Once the product is licensed, the library can use the Windows service on any Windows computer to encrypt the communication between the self checkout or self service application and the ILS. Installation is fast and easy.  No special SSL certificate is required and there's nothing else to buy.

In an example network, you may wish to encrypt the data passing between each self checkout station and the ILS.  Run the SIP2SSL installer on the ILS.  Then run the SIP2SSL installer on each self checkout station in a branch.  Answer 2 simple questions regarding the server address and you're done - it's that easy.

For more information, please review the Datasheet.

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