EnvisionWare RFID Software Suite™

Complete software suite to RFID-enable your library

  • RFID Enable
    Add RFID capabilities to OneStop self check out software and ILS circulation stations.  RFID enable native integration with Innovative ExpressLane and Polaris Express Check self check out software. Embeds in Polaris, Sierra, Millennium and Symphony staff circulation clients. Integrates with all other leading ILS platforms.EnvisionWare RFID Encoding Software
  • Encode
    This new generation of standards-based encoding runs in a browser, resizes text to individual needs, displays alerts clearly, protects against entry errors and much more.   Rapid Encoding Mode eliminates 100% of keystrokes during encoding.  Simultaneously weed during encoding and use the inventory file to update your ILS.
  • EnvisionWare Self Service
    EnvisionWare OneStop is a platform with a ready-to-run deployment that is quickly and easily customized.  The system is built on an API that customers can use to build custom circulation applications.  EnvisionWare leveraged the API for the default behavior and for creating the Intelligent Returns Station RFID-enabled chute.
  • Manage Inventory
    The system offers a powerful inventory software module that captures inventory quickly and efficiently.  Use the system with a variety of hardware devices not only to take inventory but to perform searches for items on hold, claims returned and other conditions.  Check shelf order, manage security status and upload files from standard format files and even Percon-compatible files.
  • Performance
    The suite is remarkably FAST thanks to EnvisionWare's unique PDF Technology.
  • Compatible
    One of the first in the US to deliver ISO-28560-2 interoperability; also supports ISO-28560-3, Danish Data Model standards.   Capable of seamlessly and simultaneously processing proprietary data models: (3) TechLogic models, (2) ITG models; (2) Bibliotheca models, (2) 3M models, Tagsys and VTLS
  • Real Time Diagnostics
    The diagnostics system displays staff alerts when tags are improperly encoded, when various error conditions occur and even if a cable is disconnected. 
  • Built on an API
    The entire system is built on a web service API. That means you can create your own RFID applications without developing complex RFID software and without the need to invest in interpreting the broad range of data models deployed.
  • Certified
    Tested and verified for ISO-28560-2 compliance