EnvisionWare RFID Reader Kit

Comprehensive, Unidirectional hardware package complete with reader/pad and all installation accessories

  • Complete Reader KitEnvisionWare 1-Pad Integrated RFID Reader and Unidirectional Pad Antenna
    A complete package with all the components you'll need to do the perfect installation including an integrated, powerful 1.2 watt reader; unidirectional pad antenna with controlled detection (1/2 inch the sides and bottom) and up to 12 inches of read distance above the pad.  The power supply, shielded USB cable, interference-shielding ferrites* are packaged with all the installation accessories needed to install on the surface or below it.  

  • Easy Swap Replacement
    Systems rarely fail but then they do a complete replacement arrives the next morning in a prepaid return carton.  Simply disconnect the USB and power cable, swap the device and reconnect.  It's fast, easy and error-free.

* While ferrites are not required they add an extra element of protection against power line interference.  It's this attention to detail and the inclusion of all installation accessories that illustrate EnvisionWare's commitment to the highest level of performance, reliability, and customer convenience.