EnvisionWare 2X*GEN - The Highest Quality Tags

EnvisionWare is committed to the delivery of the best RFID tags with superior read distance, long life, and lower environmental impact.

RFID Tags - The Best in the IndustryOne of the most important decisions a library can make is the brand and types of tags to use for the collection. Tagging represents the highest cost when you consider the tag cost plus the labor to convert. Some libraries have been forced to retag a collection because they used inferior tags that did not hold up to the test of time or which failed to deliver the security performance desired.

When we say that our standard tags may perform up to 20 or even 30% further than some other tags we mean it. Some may attempt some cursory tests and determine that a lesser tag “works”. EnvisionWare customers want tags that always work.  They want tags that are designed to overcome some of the inherent limitations associated with metallic covers and that’s exactly what our tags are designed to do. This decision is so important that we’re willing to help you conduct tests and provide metrics to illustrate the quality and long term reliability.

  • Up to 30% Greater Read Distance
    2X*GEN 2x3 tags read 20% or more than the traditional square tags offered in the past or today by some vendors as their standard solution.  The additional distance offered by 2*XGEN technology adds another 10-15%  When you are evaluating a system, make certain that you test the standard offering from each vendor and remember that distance directly translates to improved security and circulation success because it overcomes some of the factors that reduce range due to the composition of an item and because longer range means that detection can occur earlier during an approach to the gates. 
  • Lifetime Warranty
    Tags are guaranteed for the lifetime of the item to which they are affixed. The performance and long life are assured thanks to stringent, accelerated age testing laboratory results.  
  • Stock Delivery
    In most cases, tags can be delivered with your logo in less than 30 days - often faster. Tags are stocked in the US and are available when you need them.
  • Variety
    A broad variety of tags are available to suit unique requirements.
  • Container-load Prices
    EnvisionWare purchases in large quantities and passes savings to customers of all sizes, assuring you of the highest quality at the lowest possible price which translates to the BEST VALUE.  Because our standard offering provides a larger tag than may be offered by others, our volume pricing is applied to the highest performing tag.
  • Tag Printing Services
    Plain tags, pre-printed black and white or color, 2-PC tags with barcode, and a number of other services are available to complement EnvisionWare’s RFID Tags.