2016 Q2 Releases


20-April-2016: SIP2SSL V1.0 NEW PRODUCT

  • Provides simple, enterprise encryption services for SIP2 communications between your ILS and any 3rd party application

21-April-2016: EnvisionWare eCommerce Services - Staff Register v5.1.2 (and 5.1.0)

  • Improved intermodule synchronization
  • NEW: Drawer closeout and bank deposit reports
  • NEW: Workflow Automation Service for Polaris Staff Client integration
  • Improved international date management

27-April-2016: EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter v1.3

  • Updated engine with dramatically improved performance
  • 32 and 64-bit native installations
  • Improved navigation
  • Enhanced map coverage
  • Encrypted database connections (for Sierra and open source ILS')


4-May-2016: Interactive Voice Response v1.1

  • NEW: 'Where made' reporting data for PC Reservation reporting via Enterprise Reporter

11-May-2016: EnvisionWare eCommerce Services - Self Service v3.5

  • Updated Terminal Configuration Utility (TCU) and new encryption protocols to support TCU installation that is remote to the eCommerce Server.
  • NEW: Hosted eCommerce Server in addition to premise licensing
  • NEW: Support for Chase Canada web payments featuring PCI SAQ A compliance


15-June-2016: Library Document Station v4.2

  • NEW: Secure shell provides superior security, particularly for use with integrated Launch Command technology
  • NEW: Fax and email confirmation screens help to reduce invalid numbers and addresses
  • NEW: High contrast mode for visually impaired patrons
  • Improved destination labels support multiple line descriptions
  • Windows 10 support
  • Support for USB drives formatted as 'fixed disks'
  • NEW: Restricted email permits validated email to patron's email address

16-June-2016: PC Reservation v4.4.2 Service Pack

  • Hotfixes and service pack updates
  • Improved  'where made' tracking to allow Enterprise Reporter visualizations and reports for Interactive Voice reservations, web and other stations

23-June-2016: RFID Software Suite v3.3   

  • NEW: Native integration with Symphony workflows circulation client (Symphony 3.5.2+)
  • NEW: Integration with EnvisionWare ProLine RFID DeskPad reader/antenna
  • NEW: Support for VTLS proprietary data model as well as Dynamic Re-encoding from VTLS to ISO-28560-2 standard

29-June-2016: OneStop v2.1  

  • NEW: NoveList integration provides real-time recommended reads during checkout
  • NEW: Preference simplifies the configuration to bypass the MyAccount screen
  • NEW: Support for renewals for ILS platforms that do not correctly support the SIP2 standard
  • NEW: Affirm a fee for DVD rentals during checkout
  • NEW: Preference forces a receipt when specific media types are checked out

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