Product Updates

EnvisionWare regularly updates products with new features and defect corrections.  Most applications are completely rewritten every 4-7 years.  Nearly 50% of all maintenance and support revenue is invested in R&D.

All releases are cumulative, which means that a customer can skip one or more releases if the new functionality is not important to that library, and then adopt the latest release which will include all prior updates.

Release Types:

  • GENERATION (First Digit, a major rewrite)
  • FEATURE RELEASE (Second Digit, adding new functionality)
  • SERVICE PACK (Third Digit, bug fixes)
  • HOTFIX (Fourth Digit/Build, quick patches)

Customers can access all of the above via the Customer Center > Software and Documentation Downloads Page.   Detailed Release Notes are available for the current and prior release.

Manuals are updated with each new FEATURE RELEASE.  Manuals are rewritten with new GENERATIONS.

Release announcements are posted to the User-to-User Forum (subscribe via the Customer Center) and on Twitter (@Envisionware).   The EnvisionWare customer newsletter, AlphaBytes, is published quarterly and includes a synopsis of releases.  Major feature releases are accompanied by general email announcements to all customers.

Follow the navigation below for details about releases. (For information prior to 2016 please contact EnvisionWare Product Management.)

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