Portable Conversion Cart

Battery Powered, Fast, Flexible and Remarkably Efficient

EnvisionWare provides the software, hardware, supplies, installation, consulting, project management, training and 24-hour support for your system. We also provide an optional service to perform turnkey encoding of your collection.  Based on experience in performing these services for libraries we are uniquely equipped to deliver an RFID encoding cart that is fast and efficient for conversion and encoding.  

EnvisionWare Portable Conversion Cart - Tablet ModelEnvisionWare's Portable RFID Conversion Cart is ideal for working in the stacks.  It's FAST, reliable, and affordable.  It operates self-contained on a battery system that runs 6-10 hours.  The cart is available to purchase or rent.

Encoding SoftwareThe compact rolling cart contains a Windows 7 or Windows 10 Lenovo Touchscreen Tablet or Laptop computer and the EnvisionWare RFID Software Suite.  A barcode scanner, RFID DeskPad, RFID tag dispenser and a battery system complete the package.  The system literally rolls out of the crate and is ready to plug in and use.  

The layout, ease of mobility and the power of the industry's most efficent encoding software combine to deliver a package that is peerless -- it's the cart we use when we deliver turnkey encoding services.   There are no limits to performance.

In addition to the Cart system, libraries can create carts with components provided by EnvisionWare as well as RFID-enabling existing staff stations.

More information about the Encoding Software is available here.