OneStop™ Self Service Circulation Software and Systems


EnvisionWare OneStop on X5 KioskLike many self service circulation products, OneStop can check out and check in materials, renew items not present, view hold item details and much more.  But just as OneStop provides familiar capabilities that may be found in other products, it also offers unique features that set it apart from the rest.  It's flexible, affordable, and easy to use.  And it's designed by the Company that specializes in intuitive patron self service.

  • Full Service Kiosk
    OneStop incorporates kiosk technology that facilitates self service integration in your library.  Combine self check out with computer booking, print release, self service fine payment, account management and more by leveraging the powerful and highly customizable menuing system built into OneStop software.  Leverage expensive hardware like vending devices and computers across multiple applications.  Do more in less space.
  • Software that Looks and Works the Way YOU Want it To
    In keeping with our motto, OneStop offers maximum customization capability thanks to its design as a powerful self service engine that is driven by HTML and Javascript.  If you can put an element on a web page you can use it with OneStop.  The look and feel as well as the workflow is completely within your power using industry standard protocols.  No programming is required to customize the interface - simply drag, drop and format elements in a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Barcode and/or RFID
    Use it out of the box for barcode-based circulation or add the EnvisionWare RFID Software Suite to enable seamless RFID self circulation.
  • Your Hardware or Ours*
    OneStop is an enabling technology that can be installed on your hardware to deliver full-featured self service kiosks.  Or you can purchase a turnkey package complete with desktop hardware or kiosk furniture that's custom designed to complement your decor.  A custom integration kit delivers the hardware for use with OneStop that lets you integrate the system into your library furniture or custom millwork.  Eight different options are avaiable to serve the diverse needs of public libraries.
    1. OneStop software for installation on library-supplied computers
    2. OneStop Component System - Classic High reliability desktop hardware platformX1 Countertop
    3. OneStop Component System - ProLine delivers the lowest entry point for any complete system
    4. OneStop X1 Countertop - self contained countertop system
    5. OneStop X1 Kiosk - freestanding kiosk
    6. OneStop X5 Kiosk - highly customizable kiosk system
    7. Furniture Kiosk - woodgrain styled kiosk for more traditional settings
    8. Furniture Integration Kit - everything you need to build a self checkout system into your millwork

      * All EnvisionWare hardware platforms include touch screen, Windows computer, 1D/2D barcode scanner, and receipt printer.  
  • Dynamic Language Control
    Switch from English to Spanish, French, Chinese, Polish and other languages on any screen.  Customize every word in every language including the messages delivered from your ILS.
  • Plug-in Media Control
    Your RFID-ready media collection will be managed intuitively and efficiently with the optional EnvisionWare Media Case Controller (EMC2).  Check out print items on the pad and insert a media case in the EMC2 to simultaneously check out and unlock the media in ONE STEP.
  • Pay fines and manage accounts
    Add the eCommerce self service suite and integrate fine payment into the check out workflow.  
  • Create Your Own System with our API
    OneStop works out of the box to provide a complete self service circulation system.  Switch a preference and the same software functions as an RFID-enabled intelligent returns station.  It's built on a powerful Application Programming Interface, which means that you can use the API to build your own self service system.  Use HTML, Javascript and OneStop API commands to create a completely custom check out, check in or other similar system.  EnvisionWare used the API to deliver the ready-to-run self check out/check in interfaces and themes and also used it to create the Intelligent Returns Station.  Naturally the API is included.