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All RFID Tags are NOT the Same

Often we see bid specifications and results that would lead one to infer that 'all tags are essentially the same' in spite of the differences in cost.

Sameness comes from the general specifications used in many documents such as ISO 15693, 18000-3, HF, 13.56 Mhz and other similar terms. The mainstream is using ISO 15693 and the rest of the specifications can be largely inferred except perhaps for memory. The common memory footprint is 1024 but there are a few tags with 256 bytes. The ISO 28560-3 Draft standard can fit in this space but the larger tag is preferred to handle a full data set and extensions. ISO 28560-2 memory is undetermined in the USA. Australia and the UK have established a profile that requires 1024. The major manufacturers tell us that the difference in cost is negligible and volume purchases could offset any difference.

But the REAL comparisons in tags are rarely specified.

Carver County (PC Reservation) & Carson City (RFID)

Carver County Library of Chaska, MN has joined the growing family of 10,000 PC Reservation libraries. Carver is moving from a manual method to a fully automated self service computer management solution linked to III Millennium.

Carson City Nevada becomes the newest RFID-enabled library next month. The library will close for the first two weeks of June to encode their collection and go live with a turnkey RFID system shortly thereafter.

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