Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Project Term: 2007 to 2011
Locations: 25 (14 urban locations with sorters)
Technologies: RFID, III Integration to Item Status API, Central and Branch Sorters, Computer and Print Management, eCommerce
Self Service Achievement: ~98%
Unique Innovations: Writing encoding data to a central database for use in reconciling inventory from encoding history; writing circulation statistics and last use date to increase the value of the tag; low profile staff induction station to improve external visibility of the system; central sorter route display to view routing decisions in real time as they are made during induction; stainless internal induction panel
Collaborative Development: EnvisionWare collaborated with Innovative Interfaces for the development of streamlined sorting messages in SIP2 to reduce network traffic and increase response time;  The companies also collaborated on refinements to the III Item Status API which provides seamless integration of EnvisionWare RFID into Millcirc and Express Lane
Noteworthy: EnvisionWare provides full-time onsite service to maintain the RFID and AMH infrastructure and perform continuous preventative maintenance

The Las Vegas project is considered the largest RFID/AMH library project in North America.  Starting in 2007, materials were tagged in the 24 original locations.  14 urban libraries have achieved 98% self service circulation for check in and check out.  Various sizes of branch sorting systems, up to 10 bins) are located in each of the 14 urban libraries.  Multiple induction points and a large 40-bin system operates at the Administrative Center to sort materials for delivery to 25 LVCCLD locations.  The project expanded to include affiliates that share the Innovative ILS at North Las Vegas, Boulder City and Nellis Air Force Base.  In May 2011, the System opened its newest Windmill branch and a new administrative headquarters.  The relocation of the central sorter and the installation of gates and a new branch sorter along with RFID seamlessly integrated into III Express Lane completed the 5-year project.  LVCCLD uses EnvisionWare RFID integrated with Express Lane, PC Reservation for computer management, LPT:One for print management and EnvisionWare eCommerce Services for credit card value of the print account.  The Library utilized the centralized encoding data, an enhancement requested by the Library, to take a complete inventory as part of the conversion process.

Simultaneously, the library reprogrammed the environment to provide a more open feel and to eliminate the circulation desks in favor of a customer service center.  Special rooms were built or redesigned in order to provide a proper environment for the branch sorters.  Windows and glass walls were used so that patrons could watch the operation of the sorters. 

While the library provides manual book drops for backup in all locations, the vast majority of patrons prefer to return their materials via the sorting systems.

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