RFID Gates - Ultimate Reliability | Perfect Decor

EnvisionWare is committed to customer choice. That's why we offer two different RFID reader and gate technologies -- MasterSeries Ultra Transparent Gate Systems deliver consistent and effective protection in a modern design that complements every decor.  EnvisionWare ProLine offer a classic appearance with powerful features, high reliability and modest cost

  • World Class RFID PerformanceEnvisionWare RFID Gates in Library
    Genuine 3D antenna design (not simulated 3d) detects every time in every orientation*
  • Versatile Alert Systems
    Audible, visual, and staff screen alerts (using EnvisionWare Branch Manager)
  • Beautiful
    Contemporary Advanced Acrylic Blends with every Architect's Vision
  • Easy to Maintain
    Auto-tuning and remote diagnostics


* RFID technology has inherent limitations that will not detect every item.  The reference is in support of detectable items.