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Over a decade ago, two friends and colleagues who worked in the library industry decided to expand their horizons to create innovative self service solutions for libraries.  The goal was simple: make great products that serve the thousands of smaller, underserved libraries and provide features that can also support the needs of the largest of institutions.  Today those same people continue to collaborate along with a new principle that joined the Company in 2007 to operate the Australian subsidiary.  Like the original founders, she loves libraries and has been involved in making libraries better for her entire career. 

Thus the philosophies that built the Company prevail regardless of the breadth of products or size of the business.  Every customer, regardless of type or size, deserves to be treated like an individual.  And the bottom line cannot be the sole guide used to make decisions about the future.  Many times throughout EnvisionWare's history the cost to provide a solution outweighed the investment made by the customer.  Perhaps it was because of a network issue, a special feature required, or a misunderstanding during the initial discussions.  It didn't matter the cause; what mattered was customer satisfaction.  The undying commitment to fairness and equity is evident in the design of PC Reservation®, and in the continuous positive feedback and glowing references from customers who tell us and others that EnvisionWare takes exceptional care of its customer's needs.

That history continues to be the foundation for EnvisionWare's future.  Mike Monk is the sole shareholder in the Company today.  There are no outside parties involved in bottom line analysis.  EnvisionWare operates on its own resources, independent of investment funds or bank loans.  The only person today that makes decisions about our future is the person you and your colleagues already know.  The one that has no shareholders or bankers to satisfy and who can made a decision in the best interest of a customer and in the best interest of the future.

So when you're considering a partnership with a vendor, which can often mean a committed relationship for a decade or a lifetime, you can count on what others tell you as a guide to what you can expect in the future.  We love libraries and we believe it's our responsibility to help libraries become better places.  Great libraries want to expand their services to their public; they want to offer new programs, higher levels of service, and innovative new ways of delivering information. 

During Mike Monk's career he has met with thousands of staff from libraries all over the world.  When asked about the most satisfying part of his job Mike said, "My highest level of satisfaction comes from face to face meetings with libraries in their environment, where I can learn from them, share experiences I learned from others, and discover new ways of helping them provide public service."   So, like most visitors to libraries, the owner and operator of EnvisionWare goes there for information.  He goes for learning.  He goes to enjoy the experience of being with people that are discovering knowledge.  And he wants you to know that he will keep doing that for many, many years to come.

EnvisionWare counts on you to help us discover what will make better libraries.  You can count on us to do our best to serve those needs - whether you serve a population of 2,500 or 25,000,000.

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