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The combined power of PC Reservation and LPT:One technology in a single, integrated solution

Whether you need to manage the cost of printing on a single PC in one branch or control all aspects of your public resources from your desk in an enterprise environment, EnvisionWare uniquely provides the right solutions. Every year since our birth in 1998, EnvisionWare has delivered the premier product in its class, starting with Launch Command™, a Citrix-based menu in 1997, followed by LPT:One™ print management, then AAM, PC Reservation®, BarcodePlus®, PCRefresh™, EnvisionWare eCommerce Services™, and our award-winning Self-service circulation technology, OneStop™. In 2006 came The EnvisionWare Renaissance™, a turnkey, end-to-end OPEN STANDARD RFID solution that also includes barcode and RFID-based Automated Materials Handling and which today is the premier, standards-based RFID solution for public libraries.

Commitment to Customer Choice

Those vendors that cannot provide the flexibility, growth, adaptability, and modularity of a solution like EnvisionWare might advocate an all-in-one non-modular product. Certainly our customers can and often do purchase a complete Suite from us (our Suite provides special combined and simplified pricing for PC management with print control). But, what makes us genuinely unique is that we approach our customers the same way we want to be treated - with choices. Our code is written by one team of exceptionally talented developers at our headquarters in Atlanta. We're proud of our development group, the best in our industry. They share a common core technology base and a consistent vision. We know that every library is unique and that some of our customers might already have a component for print management or desktop protection. We respect your right to have options and your right to choose the individual modules that make up the solution you desire. Some of our customers have purchased PC Reservation to integrate with an existing legacy print management solution or vice versa. Often these print systems have been provided by a local dealer in conjunction with printers and photocopiers. While we can and do provide the best print management solution in the industry, we're not going to make you pay for a module that you don't need or can't afford at the moment. Should you decide to migrate later, we make it easy to add modules enabling additional required features with a license download. Later when you have the funds, your lease expires, or some other compelling reason to upgrade occurs, you can install and enable the rest of our complete Suite to provide even more seamless integration.

EnvisionWare Pain Clinic

Sometimes mistakes occur or others mislead customers. Sometimes the bid response doesn't tell the whole story and the references seem almost hand-picked.  When you're in pain you should also know that we're willing and able to help customers migrate to the complete EnvisionWare Suite through our generous trade-in/migration program. We have offered the opportunity to upgrade to EnvisionWare since the day we opened. Now more than ever, libraries across the globe are taking advantage of the opportunity to implement a world renowned solution, and join a highly satisfied customer base of more than 10,000 sites.  In fact, over 25% of our new customer sales are for libraries moving from a competitive solution.  

We've also had a few people leave us and come back after trying another solution.  You're licensed forever so the only concern in a return is arranging a special catch up maintenance program and providing the services to ensure you get the most from the latest release.

Ease of Upgrade

Our history in provision of components has resulted in high quality solutions for all services. Since each module must stand on its own merit, we can't afford mediocrity in any service. Our modularity also allows us to quickly add a new feature (released to all customers) for a single module in PC Reservation, LPT:One, or eCommerce Services without implication to the rest of your functionality and without waiting 12-18 months for a major upgrade.

Modular Solutions that Scale to Fit All Libraries

Because EnvisionWare solutions are modular, we can serve the needs of a library with a limited budget. All-in-one non-modular solutions must, by design, ignore these customers. Ironically, this same architecture that serves the needs of the smallest library is the one system that holds up in the world's largest institutions. New York Public, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Miami and more - the biggest libraries and the smallest. The proof is in the data. We serve more than 10,000 sites globally. We provide a written document that outlines our entire product update history. When you want proof of which publisher is the genuine creator of new ideas and great new technology, EnvisionWare hands you the complete evidence openly and honestly.

Ask Our Customers

Join the EnvisionWare user Forum and ask our users about interoperability, performance, reliability, flexibility, and support. When a company offers modules that interoperate with competitor's products, you know you're dealing with the company that cares about you and your right to choose. And because we offer this flexibility, we have to be the best of breed in all solutions we provide. EnvisionWare has many customers with a site license for the EnvisionWare Suite Solution. We also have customers that like to purchase a la carte, down to the ability to chose the minute-by-minute services for implementation from our Professional Services group.

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