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EnvisionWare Enterprise Solutions provide centralized and web-based system management, distributed or centralized data storage and reporting, tools to diagnose, update, and manage installed systems, and a monitoring and alert system that provides real-time status indications and email messaging.

  • ANALYTICS SOFTWARE:   EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter
    EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter is the first reporting and visualization suite designed specifically for public libraries. Bundled with hundreds of reports for the self service enterprise, you can quickly and easily create custom reports for your ILS, accounting data, demographic information and more. Scalable for the largest libraries but priced as a solution for every budget, this powerful new solution is fast, incredibly easy to use and remarkably flexible.
  • ACCOUNTING AND STATISTICS FEATURES:   Authentication and Accounting Module (AAM)™
    Centralize PC Reservation® and Financial Reporting and enforce system-wide use policies. Host user deposit accounts in an Access, MySQL or Integrated Library System1 database. Provide free printing accounts and track staff print and copy use. Integrates with BarcodePlus®, LPT:One™, PC Reservation®, and EnvisionWare eCommerce Services™.
  • REMOTE DESKTOP SOFTWARE:   EnvisionWare Central Management™
    Every EnvisionWare host module includes EnvisionWare Central Management, which is a combination service/software suite that provides real-time viewing and management of your host computers, downloading of log and other files without disrupting the system operation, and tools for scripting deployments, modifying the Windows Registry, and performing other major system tasks on your Windows, Mac and LibraryPDA® computers.
  • GATE and SYSTEM ALERTS - EMAIL SERVICES:   EnvisionWare Branch Manager™
    Instant alerts are transmitted from EnvisionWare RFID gates to staff stations configured to monitor alerts.  Staff sees the item ID, media type, gate location and item title on a display that supports alert acceptance and dispatch.  When a OneStop™ self check-out station is out of paper or your ILS SIP service is down, staff is alerted immediately to the condition.  Patrons can press a help request button and staff sees the name of the screen the patron is currently viewing.  With Central Management, staff can remediate a problem from the desk and zoom in on the OneStop station.  The IT manager can view alert histories to search for trends and locate areas where special attention may be required in a process.
  • COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE DIAGNOSTICS:   EnvisionWare System Monitor™
    EnvisionWare System Monitor is installed with each module to manage license retrieval and activation, monitor system health and perform system updates. It displays important alerts when a system module requires attention or an environmental issue affects operation.

1 Support varies by ILS platform

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