EnvisionWare Media Case Controller (EMC2)™

EnvisionWare solution architects have created a universal media management solution that overcomes the problems with Blu-Ray, double-sided discs, and other RFID media management challenges.  The Case Controller performs a 1-Step Checkout and Unlock, making self checkout of DVDs, CDs, and Playaways  fast and easy.

Media theft control requires special measures in some libraries.  The variety of options for media control from EnvisionWare are the broadest in the industry.  The collective expertise of seasoned professionals is unmatched, and the wisdom for item protection goes far beyond simple technical achievement.  Our consulting staff works with each customer to assess current and future needs and to apply the proper mix of solutions that will provide the optimal, cost-effective implementation.

If you are an EnvisionWare RFID customer, then you already know about our remarkable extended range media hub tag for CDs.  More powerful than any other hub tag, the unique extended range tag was an innovation created to balance maximum self service adoption against optimal protection at low cost.  The unique DVD tag is a full-size tag that extends the range of detection for DVDs.  

When locked media cases are in use, the EnvisionWare Media Case Controller (EMC2) provides an out of box RFID solution.  Whether you purchase your cases from EnvisionWare or use cases from other suppliers or those you already own, we have the technology to provide automated, self service unlocking for Clear-Vu OneTime cases.

RFID-Enabled Case ManagementEnvisionWare Media Case Controller (EMC2)

EnvisionWare EMC2 Case Controller is the ultimate media case solution.  When used with EnvisionWare OneStop, print items are checked out on the pad and CD/DVDs are checked out in the EMC2 Controller.  In one simple step, the system reads the tag, checks out the media, toggles security on the tag, and unlocks the case.  This is the quite simply the most intuitive and fool proof way to manage RFID-tagged media in cases.

ClearVu OneTime Locking Media Case for libraries

The EMC2 is designed specifically for Clear-Vu OneTime cases -- and it supports the complete line of cases, including Playaways.  Simple visual clues on the device combined with on-screen animation on the self service circulation touch screen, and prompts that are 100% user customizable, guide patrons through the simple workflow.

An as part of our commitment to customer choice, the EMC2 seamlessly integrates into III Express Lane [when used with III Item Status API] and with Polaris ExpressCheck™.  All of the features described above are available for OneStop and our two partner's self service systems.