EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter Report and Visualization Workbooks


EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter delivers powerful ad-hoc reporting across a public library enterprise.  EnvisionWare customers also gain a powerful advantage through the use of the included report and visualization workbooks.  Hundreds of components are built into Enterprise Reporter to show data for Computer Use, Print Cost Analysis, Financial Management, eCommerce, Circulation, Inventory, Security, Encoding and much more.  Our goal was the delivery of a comprehensive perspective of the patron self service and financial experience with the added power to blend data from other sources as well as the ability to perform analytics on virtually every data source in a public library.

Included reports and visualizations are organized into workbooks that represent groupings of reports, grids, graphs and other visualizations.  In this example the first page of the workbook delivers a menu of options in Computer Use and Booking Reports | PC Reservation®.

Detailed report information provided by hovering over menu choiceThe user clicks on the link to open a DASHBOARD, a grouping of grid reports and visualizations for a given set of criteria.

Hovering over a link displays an expanded description that provides a detailed overview with filters and organization.  This information with added detail can be printed when a report is selected so that a user has a plain English query explanation in the output.


Computer Wait Times per BranchLibraries often want to analyze computer wait time, which may be used to justify additional resources or to reallocate computers to other locations where more resources are needed. This dashboard provides a grid with the details as well as three graphs: Average Computer Wait Times by Branch, Busiest Branches by Average Computer Wait Times and Least Busy Locations by Average Computer Wait Time.  Users can drill down into the underlying data, sort the information in real time, exclude data elements and edit the dashboard, reports and visualizations.

LPT:One Printing by Payment Type VisualizationLPT:One printing reports include Printing by Location,Branch, Printer, Printer Family, Release Terminal, and Payment Type.  Other reports and visualizations include Payment Type by Release Terminal, Price by Day/Month/Day of Week, Print Jobs and Pages by Month, Day, Day of Week, Detail User Lookup, and grid reports for transaction details.    As with other EnvisionWare workbooks, dashboards can be filtered by branch and library system.






Encoding Productivity AnalysisAnother workbook provides RFID data.  In this dashboard a manager can view the encoding productivity by user.  Since media takes longer to encode than print items data is provided to show the mix of media types per encoder.

Dashboards are date scoped and most have additional runtime filters such as the ability to select a branch or location.  Many reports and visualizations deliver information over time, so that staff can analyze peak use times, more productive hours, and factors that affect systems based on day of week.




Self Service eCommerce Transaction AnalysisOne of the core components offered by EnvisionWare is an enterprise PCI-compliant eCommerce system that links with other self service products as well as the ILS for fine payment via the web, at kiosks and self check out stations, and at staff Point of Sale systems.   This dashboard shows self service transactions by credit and debit type.




Click to reveal Javascript that will embed the visualization in your websiteA link at the top of the page opens the panel shown at the upper left of this screen.  A url to the dashboard can be embedded in email and another field provides JavaScript that will embed this dashboard in an intranet or library website.  Enterprise Reporter makes it easy to organize and display data directly on your website.

Users can print images, a PDF, and grid data.  These reports, visualizations and dashboards can be scheduled for delivery via email.  Information can be viewed and used in native iPad and Android tablet apps, which are included with the server license.

Computer Sessions by Hour by WeekdayVisualizations are versatile, with quick select options to change views based on time intervals, branch, and even per system for consortia.  Drill down to underlying data with a click.  Beyond reporting, which is traditionally driven by a request for specific data, visualizations are easy to create and they facilitate discovery where users combine and view data in unimagined ways, discovering trends and patterns that may be unexpected.

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