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This page illustrates the step-by-step process used at ALA Midwinter 2013 to demonstrate the remarkable ease of use.  IMLS data was imported into a simple csv file.  Enterprise reporter connects to everything from an Excel file to an Oracle database.  Connections take only sections to configure.  Immediately upon connection the software organizes database information into measures and dimensions.  

EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter Architect - Blank CanvasTo the left you'll see a blank canvas.  A data connection has been made to IMLS Public Library Outlet data that was published in 2010.

This database includes addresses including zip codes.  Enterprise Reporter 'sees' the existence of a zip code in the data and automatically generates geolocation data.



Drag, Drop - RESULTSBy simply dragging the zip code from the data fields on the left directly onto the canvas, Enterprise Reporter intuitively 'knows' that the best visualization of a zip code is a map.  The Show Me window on the right automatically selected a map.    The data was instantly plotted on the map, illustrating all 17,000 public library outlets in the United States.




Zoom of continental USA quick drag of the mouse around the lower 48 states results in this zoomed view.  The report author also pulled the bookmobile data onto the screen, which resulted in an automatic color coded plot of bookmobiles in orange.  A quick setting will make the building and bookmobile filters visible to web users when the visualization is published.  Then users that log into Enterprise Reporter, view it on an iPad or Android tablet, or interact with the embedded visualization on your public website can filter out the buildings to see the locations of bookmobiles.


Final data printed to PDF, emailed, scheduled for delivery or embedded in a website

The underlying data and report/visualization structure can be published to the Enterprise Reporter Server so that other users can log in and view the data, edit the visualization and share altered representations with other users.

This final result can be delivered in the form of a printed image, PDF, scheduled email delivery or embedded live report in a website.

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