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EnvisionWare introduced this revolutionary innovation for public libraries at Midwinter ALA 2013 -- the industry's first enterprise reporting and visualization suite designed specifically for public libraries.

Enterprise reporter connects to virtually any data: ILS, accounting, self service enterprise, demographic sources and other library-related systems.  Connect to  Oracle, PostreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, Excel, Access, cloud data, SAP, Sybase, Windows Azure, IBM DB2, and others.  Virtually any ODBC database can be used.

IMLS Data Map of 17,000 US Public LibrariesCreate a stunning visualization in minutes.  Enterprise Reporter automatically creates geolocation data from address fields in any database.  This map of the 17,000 public libraries in the United States was created from IMLS data in just 4 minutes by dragging the zip code onto the screen.  The system intuitively discerned that the user wanted a map.  

With less than 30 minutes of training you can quickly and easily create reports, graphs, maps and other visualizations.  But don't let the ease of use fool you - this enterprise level solution can be installed on multiple servers and host large enterprise data reporting needs to deliver blended data analytics across multiple data sources.  Compare your data to that of other public libraries.  Quickly see where computer users are located by blending ILS address data with computer use statistics.  Audit your eCommerce enterprise and visually compare your results to postings in your ILS.   In a visualization league with IBM, Information Builders, SAP, SAS, Tibco and Oracle, EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter excels in ease of use.  And since it's designed specifically for public libraries and supported by the leading supplier of library self service and efficiency solutions, you can be assured that it can meet the most powerful library analytics demands.   

EnvisionWare brings the power, flexibility and ease of use to every public library thanks to a pricing program designed to serve the needs of all libraries regardless of size.   Hosted for small libraries and with software licenses scalable for mid-sized and large enterprises, EnvisionWare Enterprise Reporter is quite simply the most innovative and versatile analytics system ever designed.  A small library can get hosted reports and visualizations across the entire self service and financial management enterprise for just $125 per month.

Enterprise Reporter PC Reservation Wait TimesIf you're an EnvisionWare customer you'll have immediate access to hundreds of reports and visualizations for RFID, Computer Use, Circulation, Inventory, Encoding, Printing, and Financial Management.  And you can quickly learn how to link to other data in your library system to provide the same powerful results. Not only can you run, edit and view reports in any browser, you can also view your data in native iPad and Android tablet apps.

Imagine a live graph feed on your library website illustrating the results of your fundraising campaign or the increased circulation resulting from opening a new branch.  Drag, drop, publish and copy a link to the visualization you see onscreen then embed the JavaScript in your library website.  It's that easy.




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