EnvisionWare eCommerce Services™ - Self-Service Solutions

eCommerce Self Service SolutionsEnvisionWare offers a full line of financial management solutions designed to empower patrons and staff through self-service payment of fines, fees, merchandise, and more. From Web-based modules to patron kiosks, to traditional coin and bill acceptors, EnvisionWare can help you deliver a full range of solutions that make it easy to service all types of financial transactions with minimal staff assistance.

EnvisionWare® eCommerce Services™ Self-Service

Flexible services for fine query and payment

EnvisionWare® eCommerce Services™ is a global suite that provides fine query and payment and online account revalue. Patrons have the flexibility of using credit cards, online deposit, or ILS deposit accounts, as well as an array of cash options at self-service fine payment kiosks.

As with all EnvisionWare solutions, our experts provide guidance and recommendations to help you seamlessly integrate your systems, as well as help with PCI compliance. The EnvisionWare system is a global solution that supports multiple processing choices and over thirty acquirers (merchant processors).

  • Web, kiosk or bothEnvisionWare Terminal Stand for Verifone Mx915 EMV-ready Credit Card Terminal
  • Mulitple acquirers/merchant processors in North America, APAC and Europe
  • Standard single amount or itemized fines1
  • Multiple-fee structures
  • SSL encryption
  • Pay fines and/or deposit money into an account using a card
  • Use cash, cards (including stored value cards), Blackboard campus cards and deposit funds, and link directly to an ILS deposit account1
  • Link to any SIP2-enabled ILS that supports fine payment. Some systems support extensions for itemized fine management
  • Use the API to link the payment system directly to your existing Website/ILS account page

MX-915 Terminal with desktop swivel standIn addition to a Web-based option, EnvisionWare’s eCommerce Services module easily integrates with our OneStop™ self-service circulation stations, giving patrons the option to pay their fees and fines with a credit card at the OneStop station or at a self-service kiosk.





PCI AssuranceVeriFone

1Varies by ILS platform