COSUGI 3/30: Print : Scan : Fax : Copy : Reserve : More...

EnvisionWare COSUGI 2015 LogoMobilePrint Service™ lets patrons print from anywhere/any device and pick up at the Library.  You can deliver patron scanning, faxing, and copying services in our secure, easy-to-use Library Document Station™.  Use the new IVR  to offer computer booking via the phone.   

These are just a few of the great new and improved services for public libraries from the leading public library self service innovator.  MobilePrint Service lets your patrons submit printing from smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices as well as laptops, Macbooks and Chromebooks.  They can submit from home, work, a coffee shop or from inside the library and then release and pay for printing at an LPT:One Print Release Terminal.  if you're one of the 7,000 libraries already running LPT:One there's no new hardware to buy.  And if not we have a special offer to help you implement the industry's more versatile and affordable print management system.

Scanning from a copier is complicated and not always easy to manage.  Its even more difficult to fax and recover money.  Copiers were simply designed for business users to make copies.  The Library Document Station (LDS) was designed specifically for public libraries.  It's fast and easy to use and it offers remarkable flexiblity.  Scan any document or book to email, fax, print (copy), tablet, smartphone, cloud drive services and more.   Patrons can pay by cash with a coin-op or with the release coming next month they can pay from a deposit account or library ILS deposit/credit account as well as by credit card.  LDS is built for public libraries and is not only fast and easy - it's secure. All Internet communication is SSL (not clear text FTP).  And passwords on the local system are encrypted.  There's a point and click administrator interface for configuration of the first unit.  All additional units auto-configure by copying settings from the cloud.  And reporting couldn't be easier.  Simply log into your online portal and view all machines, transaction information and more.  LDS is affordable.  And for libraries with limited space, LDS can serve as a combination Scan, Copy, Reserve, Print Release and Fine Payment station.  You can even run PC Reservation clients on LDS to get even more use from the system.

Our new IVR (Intelligent Voice Response System) takes the burden from staff for inquires about available computers and telephone booking.  Now patrons can all PC Reservation and manage their computer reservations themselves. It's fast, easy and affordable.

These solutions are offered as part of a special COSUGI attendee special that will save you money while you deliver great, new patron services.

And while you're with us, learn about the upcoming release of PC Reservation, the biggest new release since version 4 was announced.  We can also explain why leading libraries choose EnvisionWare for RFID.  And we'd be remiss if we failed to explore the potentail the 24-Hour Library may offer you for expanded service outlets.

We are looking forward to our time together.  Come see us!

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