EnvisionWare Modular Sorter™

2 to 253-bin modular sorting system featuring the new WhisperSort compact sorting system for small libraries

Modular SorterThe EnvisionWare Modular Sorter is widely deployed throughout North America.  Leading libraries selected the Modular Sorter because of its:

  • Whisper quiet operation -  < 55db
  • Modularity and expandability - Add modules to expand or change the layout if you move the system
  • Reliability - Some of our largest customers are dependent on 99.5% uptime and value the reliable operation
  • Adaptable - Install a 2-bin system that grows or install a 50 or 100-bin central sorter.   The performance of the system increases as modules are added
  • Versatility - receptacles include two sizes of bins, your library totes on our automatic tote lifter or the indexing tote holder, an ErgoStack Trolley that stacks to accept items and then converts to a shelving cart at the touch of a button
  • Covered transport provides increased safety, reduction in dust and associated routine maintenance, control over ambient light on sensors and protection of the transport system against items that may fall onto a system from adjacent shelves.Las Vegas Branch Sorter
  • No Limits - external returns for the most adverse weather conditions, fire suppression, multiple choices for internal returns, elevators to traverse multiple floors, buffer modules, conveyors including arc conveyors and so much more
  • Gentle handling - designed specifically for libraries
  • Uptime - Built to stay running and backed by EnvisionWare 24x7 support - Incorporates EnvisionWare Central Management to ensure rapid response and updating