Authentication and Accounting Module (AAM)™

The Authentication and Accounting Module (AAM) is a set of features enabled across a range of EnvisionWare products that enables reporting, specialized financial services, and multi-branch usage restrictions.  AAM activates the use of an ILS deposit account. It also allows configuration of a MySQL database for storing deposit funds and application history.

The system is comprised of several modules:

AAM Administrator

  • Utility for creating the database and configuring various parameters related to AAM features. These include allocation account renewal settings, maximum deposit account amounts and other attributes.

AAM User Account Manager

  • The User Account Manager operates in a self service or staff mode. In self-service mode the application operates in a wizard-style to prompt users to deposit funds into their deposit accounts.
  • For staff, a more interactive interface allows deposits and account adjustments.

AAM Web Query

  • The Web Query provides a series of reports about the various applications listed below.

AAM Integration

The AAM features are integratred into BarcodePlus®, LPT:One™, PC Reservation®, and EnvisionWare eCommerce Services™.

  • Centralize PC Reservation and Financial Reporting and enforce system-wide use policies. 
  • Host user deposit accounts in MySQL and/or Integrated Library System1 database. 
  • Provide free printing accounts and track staff print and copy use. 

1 Support varies according to ILS platform

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