3rd Party Payment Systems

EnvisionWare Payment Systems
EnvisionWare provides products that perform the following functions: Coin, Bill, Smart Card, Credit Card.  There are two generations of the EnvisionWare CBA included in the list.  EnvisionWare CBA V shown at right and directly below.EnvisionWare CBA V
CBA-V with Credit Card Terminal
In addition to EnvisionWare solutions, eCommerce Services and LPT:One are interoperable with a variety of devices from third party vendors.  Some older products that are no longer in production have been removed from the following list.  As such, if you have a device that is working with EnvisionWare software, it should continue to operate as before.  We removed outdated items to avoid confusion.  Vending/Payment system manufacturers provide the protocol and a device for testing and certification. Upon successful completion of development and testing, the manufacturers provide a list of compatible device model numbers based upon the results of our testing of a single unit. Please note that you should check with your hardware manufacturer to verify compatibility with your equipment since there are variations in firmware and custom modifications from some vendors that may impact the list of models shown.

EnvisionWare offers an optional CBA Credit Card Bracket that facitates mounting of a card terminal to the CBA in order to provide a unified payment station as shown above on the left.

Coin, Bill
ACDI EX2000 (Use Jamex 6557 settings - Device requires firmware created or updated after April 2009.  Contact ACDI for compatibility information.)

Third Party Payment Systems

- Blackboard Transaction System  (Contact sales regarding application availability)
Online campus card system for use with LPT:One and eCommerce Services.

- Cardatis (also known by TRACSystems)
Magnetic Stripe
TC 11

- Debitek
Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card
DCT; MoneyClip
ITC Ontario Canada

- E-Danyl (Schlumberger Sema, Danyl)
Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card
D/5000; TS/5000

Intercard Magnetic Stripe Stored Value Card Reader- Intercard (also known by iTeam, TRACSystems)
Magnetic Stripe AS 3400

- ITC Systems (ACT)
Coin, Bill, Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card
ACT 350; 355; 7010; 7020; 7025; 7035
ITC 1015; 1018; 1500; 5010; 5020; 5010-1019; 5020-1019; ITC-2015; ITC 5210x; ITC 5210x-105; ITC 5220x; ITC 5220x-105; ITC 54xx (Shown at right)
- JamexSEM Smart Money Systems - Quebec Canada  9900X Coin op
Coin, Bill, Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card, Receipt Printer, Copier Controller
6552-JPC; 6557-JPC; 6552-70-JPC; 6557-70-JPC; 6552-75-JPC; 6557-75-JPC; 7114-JPC
- S.E.M. (Also TBS / Today's Business Solutions / ACS)
Coin, Bill
9500; 8500, 9900X (Shown at right.)
- SmartCentric (Contact sales regarding application availability. Not available for LDS.)
Campus Card

Additional Interface Development
The LPT:One, Library Document Station and EnvisionWare eCommerce architectures are designed to be expandable.  If an interface is required for a device that you do not see listed on this page, please contact your reseller or an EnvisionWare Sales Consultant for details regarding the development requirements and costs for interface development.  EnvisionWare will require a protocol document and a device for continuous testing.  An estimate for development will be provided for the direct cost of development only.  EnvisionWare will assume the cost and responsibility for continuous integration with verified systems for future releases.

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